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Campaign for photographers' rights

SceneThat actively campaigns - from the highest level that we can reach, right to those people at the 'sharp end' - to protect and promote photographers' rights, and challenge those people in authority who blindly (i.e. for no valid reason) attempt to restrict our freedoms to take photographs.

Our website [this site,] is targetted at UK photographers who want to know more about their legal position - from newcomers picking up a camera for the very first time to 'dyed-in-the-wool' professionals.

Our intention is that our website supports our campaigning by making it easier for you to find the truth instead of the urban myths that plague our lives regarding photography and the law.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Almost two thousand years ago, the roman poet Juvenal posed the question "Who watches the watchmen?". The simple answer is that "We do!" (at least where photographers are concerned).
SceneThat is neither 'anti-police' nor 'anti-establishment' in any form. We will however hold a light to any form of unwarranted 'anti-photographer behaviour' hiding behind a mask of officialdom.

Lord Carlile QC (during his period in office as the Government's independent reviewer of terrorism laws) said: ...the police must bear in mind that when criticisms are made that there is greater surveillance BY the State, there is also greater surveillance OF the State.

Legal pathfinders for Photographers

Our intent is for the site to be a simple index to pure fact so you'll find links here to the actual UK legislation, supported by very few comments and occasional interviews, without the hyperbole [hype]!

Our aim is to keep comment within our Blog, and away from the main body of the site.

International and domestic terrorism

Terrorist attacks may have comparatively small-scale effects when compared to natural disasters - but are the authorities responding in a proportionate way to the very genuine threat that terrorists pose and, if so, should photographers be more understanding?

Our summary here indicates the current alert state within the UK, and links to the main legislation affecting photographers and our thoughts on the effect on the general public and photographers in particular.

Rights and responsibilities

SceneThat is also about balance. Wherever there are rights, responsibilities also exist otherwise no one would be able to exercise their rights.

However, SceneThat is not here to moralise about things - it is, as always, up to individuals to strike the appropriate balance between exercising your rights as laid down by law and discharging your responsibilities as reasonably expected by society.