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SceneThat came into being in 2009. A number of photography magazines and forums were reporting what amounted to harassment of photographers. The debate in the forums often became heated. Various 'urban myths' grew up, and it became obvious that there was a real lack of appreciation of photographers' rights and responsibilities.

Mark [SceneThat's editor] decided to do something useful! His personal circumstances allowed him to devote an appropriate amount of time to SceneThat, so the site was created. In terms of credentials, Mark's career highlights include managing BBC News' Location Engineers over a period of years; and spending the best part of a decade 'on-the-road' with BBC News helping to cover (amongst many other things) the Brixton, Toxteth, Moss Side and St Pauls riots of 1980/81 and the troubles in Northern Ireland during the '70s and '80s.

Small Aperture profiled SceneThat ~ July 2011

SceneThat has benefited from expert advice from a number of people along the way. Specialist legal experts have generously donated their time to help sort through the maze of legislation; many other people have helped test the site; many others have responded to our requests and been generous with their time and guidance. This help continues on a daily basis.

We regret that we are NOT able to respond to personal requests for legal help. If you have any legal issues, please seek the advice of a solicitor or your local C.A.B.

We feel that we should also mention that most of the team are keen photographers themselves!

"It works both ways"

In the course of our activities, as you might expect, we sometimes encounter photographers who 'overstep the mark' to varying degrees. On occasions it is obvious that their display of 'rightious indignation' is little more that an desire to act in an objectionable manner. SceneThat does not condone, nor speak for, such behaviour. We do support the right to protest peacefully as enshrined in British Law, and believe that a chorus of disapproval is most effective when voices are in harmony rather than cacophony.