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We've tried to keep this as understandable as possible. If we've lapsed into cryptic jargon anywhere, please let us know and we'll do our best to make things clearer! One thing we struggle to eliminate, and fail regularly, is the shorthand for some of the legislation.

So if you occasionally see something like CTA2008_s76 you're supposed to instantly know we mean the Counter Terrorism Act (2008), section 76.
Sorry. We will try harder!


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The flags are the top right of the page are not some sort of anti-Scottish sentiment (or anti-Northern Ireland for that matter!), they are simply a reminder that the law is different in those parts of the UK - and (so far) our restricted time has focused SceneThat on the law in England and Wales.
Any information specifically relating to Northern Ireland or Scotland is highlighted by our use of these 'markers'...

Northern Ireland only = applies to Northern Ireland
Scotland only = applies to Scotland

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