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HMIC Report: "Policing Public Order" published

Wed, 9 Feb 2011 20:00:00 UT

HMIC have just released their report entitled, Policing Public Order - An overview and review of progress against the recommendations of Adapting to Protest and Nurturing the British Model of Policing. [HMIC website]External link (Opens in new window)

The report is interesting from the perspective of both press photographers and so-called 'citizen journalists' and protest photographers, in a number of details.

The role - and legal position - of the press is strongly underlined, with prominent comments like Press - 'They have the right to report on what is happening and it is not the role of the police either to impede them in this or to censor what they wish to photograph.'
The reports re-iterates guidance given in the new ACPO Keeping the Peace Manual [ACPO website]External link (Opens in new window).

The new ACPO Keeping the Peace Manual contains a detailed breakdown of how the police are advised to act in the changed world of protest. It contains advice from previous operational debriefs to Silver (tactical) Commanders with regard to their pre-event briefings on Stop and Search [s44 Terrorist Act (2000)], [s50 Police Reform Act (2002)], [s60, s60, s60AA Criminal Justice and Public Order Act (1994)].